Nobody can prepare you for the moment you look down at your baby, and they are no longer a newborn. All of a sudden, they've grown. That tiny wrinkly body will soon fill out. That mouth will soon be full of teeth. The face you first saw and fell in love with will change into a very different one (but one you will love equally as much). That's why it is all in the details for me - every little piece of them forever saved. Because one day you will blink and they will be two months old, and then you blink again and then two years. From one momma to another, you will love that face that is here, you cannot wait to meet the one that is to come, but you will miss the one that is gone.

book a newborn session

Leaving a house freshly postpartum to go to a studio is for many moms what scares them off from doing a newborn session. I get it. I'm a mom too, and that's why I think in-home sessions are a perfect choice for many moms.

Firstly, COMFORT. The session takes place right at your home, which means no getting ready, no packing, and no driving required. You can stay right in your nest where you and your baby feel most comfortable. Secondly, MEANING. Let's trade studio baskets and props for meaningful places and items (and fur-babies) around your home. Lifestyle sessions are for those seeking meaning over perfection, posed babies, and props.