I am a mama of 3 young kiddos and I am happily married to an amazing man named Brian, my college sweetheart who has been my greatest cheerleader in this business.

My photography journey started when I graduated college and began to travel the world with my husband. It became an obsession of mine to travel to these incredible locations and document every single thing I saw (anyone else come back from vacation with 3k photos on your camera card? No? Just me?)

A few years later I became a mom. And then less than 2 years following the birth of my son I became a mom again - but this time to twins. Having three kids under the age of two, I was living in pure chaos. Crazy, loud, blissful chaos. I wanted to capture every second, every moment and every day with my kids. 

Their craziness and laughter mixed with the unknown of what was coming next — I wanted to freeze those moments and keep them forever because let’s face it, babies don't keep. 

As the kids got older, I loved reflecting back on those memories. I began taking photos for other couples and families and it truly sparked my soul on fire. I knew I had found a job that I absolutely LOVED.

The greatest legacy we can give our children is happy memories. As a photographer, I do my best to deliver those memories. I want to tell your story through my lens.

When you look back on those photos I want you to think of all the fun little moments that happened during that time. Even if those moments were pure chaos - which, let’s be honest, life is most of the time - they make for some of the most beautiful memories.