After years photographing kids, one of three things often happens on photo day: kids get shy, skip their nap, or scratch their face. Please don’t stress! Imperfect is normal (and I can edit out scratches)! If your child starts to fuss, we stop for a snack, snuggle, or go for a little walk. Usually after a “reset” they’re ready to jump back into the shoot. I’ll encourage you to relax, play and snuggle with your children. I’ll set up tickle fights, ask kids to run into your arms, give each other giant bear hugs, or say “boogers!” as loud as they can. When kids (and grown-ups) are truly having fun, we get their genuine smiles and giggles. Beauty in the chaos.

I adore lifestyle imagery and lots of candid moments, but understand clients want classic look-at-the-camera shots too. We’ll do a mix of both styles, along with a number of backgrounds, so you have a variety of images to choose from in your final gallery. If you prefer candid more than posed, or vice versa, just let me know and I’ll shoot accordingly.


Whether your family is just two people, or you're looking to have an extended family session with multiple groups, I love working with families of all shapes and sizes, and would love to learn more about what you envision for your session.